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to the value of the rest element in the treatment of surgi-

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exceptional, and whidi led me to give the prognosis

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Etiology and Pathology. — Cysts of the pancreas occur with approxi-

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To further this goal, it is imperative that young and intelligent physi-

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and in a normal urine should only appear after about five to

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symptoms ; since they will be found to vary with the

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joined with solid substance, depends, in great measure, on the

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pear at all. Daily doses of seven grains and a half did not

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During the morning of the 15th there was nausea. A full dose of ipecac.

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to the hospital seriously incapacitated, 49 per cent, were

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Sometimes the parasites cause cysts in the liver. The dis-

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mwui long and varlefl expi-rience. Is another. I have

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Plants and Animals ; Distinctive Characters of Man ;

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was found passing in the opposite direction to that indicated by the

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prognosis than infection with the subtertian. The pernicious

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If the air finds its way into the subcutaneous tissue of the neck the crepitus

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down into place, and the cannula was made to penetrate to the

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of the disease, he had been seen by an apothecary, who bled

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merely mechanical origin, the caecum is the seat of that form of ulcer

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as it prevailed about the lower Vistula, atford not the slightest countenance

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Birth registration organizations throughout the United

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necessity for a most thorough examination with the object of

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other instances in which the disease has been carried

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local manifestation of its existence, unless the menses be obstructed,

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symptoms. I think we should go very slowly in advising nephrectomy

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fever. Practitioner, Limd., 1894, lii, 439-446. — Cn'trin.

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Among the many different methods of applying the cold water

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