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Section A and Surgery Study Section B discussed the number and kinds of proj-
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undertaken as a collaborative venture by the DBS, the Ministry of Health in
colored red. Tliere were a'so oil-like globules scattered over the anterior.
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restriction, rather than administration of salt, except in rare instances when the hyponatre-
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River City Office Park, #202, 401 N. 117th, Omaha 68154
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be omitted. It is also probable that many persons who are doing this
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1962. This, along -sath unsatisfactory reports from other DHEW libraries,
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breakthrough bleeding, spotting, change in menstrual flow, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual-like syndrome
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The molecular biology revolution. Nature 318:217-218,
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•Correspondent: Lynne D. Willett, M.D., Perinatal Center, University of
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not thrown back so much as in operations on the superior
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research career program awards for acceptability and assignment to the ap-
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This course is designed to review the diagnostic tests
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IN medical engineering was expanded this year by issuing
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of temerity on the part of practitioners who have prefeired
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animal reproduction studies are not always predictive of human
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VII. Adjudication of Pensions in Soldiers Affected with Nervous and Psychic
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dental artery by a ligature. Closed flaps with four silver su-
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December "^^th^ 3.15 a. m. — He was very restless and
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Reprint requests to Department of Medicine, Vanderbilt University Hos-
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ment of trauma, shock, cerebrovascular disease and anaerobic infections. The
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The vegetation appears under several forms (Fig. 1).
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sooner than they would if we gave an inert remedy, or no
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agents which have recently been recognized as being of significance
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In addition, new record, filing, and sample distribu-
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Inflammatorij disorders of the lari^nx (Robert Krieq )
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matter. Report FF of the Board of Trustees is a very
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a separate sheet at the end of the paper: names of all authors, complete title of
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Thus an endless array of pathological material has been assembled and investi-
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that we do not contend that excessive rains alone cause yellow
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pothesis resorted to by Burns in explanation of such cases, that the torn
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ease, nor did the parties who prepared his body for interment.

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