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accidental or intentional, that is to say, of a subject who is not syphi-

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ward the root of the tongue and elongate that organ. In most cases,

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myelitis until we shall have learned some other mode of origin for

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mammary region, and occasionally to the perineum. Pruritus

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tation became necessary, and who, after the stump began to heal, re-

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and vaccine-therapy in relation to diseases of the eye (R. W. Allen) 737

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tain fifty litres or more of liquid, consist mainly of a principal cyst,

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nates in pnimals of the dog kind, and which indisputably is propa-

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in the formation of the blood, in the intestinal and mesenteric glands,

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Indeed, as a recent writer remarks, " the contemplation

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acuteness of the attack. Abdominal rigidity is usually localised,

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look and hastened and painful respiration, belong to the malignant

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because the morbid process may not be wholly confined to

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the control of their will, in order to accomplish the act. On the other

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colored. In the second stage, or that of typhous infiltration, the gen-

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elements of the effusion have broken down, all its remains disappear,

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any action of their will, restrain their reflex movements which arise

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especially those of the nose, become the seat of a chronic inflamma-

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sion destroys the secreting glands in the mucous membrane, and

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that, in the case of the streptococcus, it is all important that

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body and great depression of the temperature ; the skin begins to

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nature of this symptom, and to require them to seek medical aid

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not been able to perceive any effect from this treatment which is based

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examine the very thick urine which deposited a large sediment, the

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again ; there were a few slight patches just starting. I

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ably due to the diseased hemisphere being decidedly swollen by col-

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however, other obstacles to that entrance. There is, in the

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nitic from palsy of the intestinal muscles ; the detrusor urinae also takes

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as the redness proceeds from heat, the sun's rays, or the action of mus-

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of the ichthyol solution is deferred until the lesion has been

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the same influence on the intracranial circulation as any other increase

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