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The one unanswerable argument on the side of fletcher-
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editor of the journal from which we make this extract,^
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remedy is, first, a fast of twelve to twenty-four hours;
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It was determined to divide the tendo-achilles in the right foot, and to rely
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or the mastoid bone back of it. Treatment is a question
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formed upon them. He divides his book into twelve chapters,
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arguments and illustrations in this portion of the work will
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36. Operations for Stammering, — In our preceding number we gave an ac-
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continues relaxed for the want of the return of its accustomed stimulus, and dies
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appears that throat affections were at the same time ver^ prevalent, and
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Hence the explanation, why in wintry regions of the earth, the most general
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in the months of February and March than at any other time exer-
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occurred since empirics divided the practice of medicine with the regular
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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. A public domain book is one that was never subject
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while its functional power does not seem to be otherwise
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view of their nature is supported by the appearance of a cell-
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as to the normal position of the uterus, which show that this
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an enthusiastic ophthalmologist spent considerable time
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as far as possible in its natural position, and under these circum-
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very intricately involved, and a labour and a clear-sightedness far superior to
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s=: 6i pounds : and in 500 mature girls a mean of 3220 grammes
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rally finds that they afford the same relief as leeches or cup-
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to make the sudden discovery that treatment will be ' too late.*
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there grey semi-transparent granulations, which are also numerous in
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control may be effected in tlie course of a year or two. If
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sciously to use such a word as epilepsy in the sense of a principle
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Mental phenomena result from the functional activity of nerve-
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An Experimental Contribution to Ovariotomy. (Centralblatt, No.
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much farther towards perfecting the treatment of diseases, than through the
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would tend to drive infection into the wound by the ebiU- I
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same contagious influence, and experienced nearly the same results.
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to-be will naturally tend to affect the child's develop- I
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sis. The nasal hning, if healthy and if the patient is notj
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excited. The left ventricle formed the greater part of the body of the organ, the
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kenzie was, howeyer, already inclined to call in the interyention of
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doctor, or, in fact, any one in intimate contact with the

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