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sels, which absorb and convey fluids to the thoracic duct. These are
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pulses are forcefully thrust on him or her. Not a few
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A. CAUSEY, M. D., Associate Physician in Residence.
metformin er 500mg tab amn
, LANA PHILOSO'PHICA. Philosophical wool, flowers of zinc,
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LINUM USIT.VTISSIMUM. The lint-plant, or Common Flax;
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the power of destroying or counteracting noxious matters existing in it.
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mania characterized by fear, moroseness, and grief.
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patibles, Urine Analysis, Poisons and Antidotes, Artificial Respiration, and a vaiiety of other
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A synonym for enteric, as applied to endemic contagious fever, gene-
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anticipate living out their life expectancy — the num-
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natives prepare an intoxicating beverage. The leaves are first che\yed
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lysis agitans, caused by the slow poisonous action of certain metals,
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that too little importance is placed upon appendic-
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people follow a diet prescribed by a physician. They
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tary, the syphilitic, the hajmorrhagic, the parasitic, the chemical. See
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GONUA'GRA {youu, the knee, aypa, seizure). Gonalagra. Gout
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WELD, or DYERS’ WEED. The Reseda luteola, a plant em-
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melon. When single and painful, the tumor is commonly called
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Two full-sized bottles will be sent FREE to any physician who will pay express charges^
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instant; officinal formidw are those published in pharmacopoeias or by
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ACME' (air/xii, a point or edge). 1. A term, as applied to a disease,
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This term is generally applied to substances imbued with contagion.
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vision). A species of amaurosis, in which objects appear confused or
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suaded to believe that food has nothing to do with their
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The British Pharmacopoeia of 1867 presents some changes in the
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jPERIZO'MA (irtpi'^ai/rn, that which is girded round one). Lite-
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ulate the production of progestin by the patient’s
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' 16. Membrana interossea. The interosseous ligament which passes
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'conreplion denotes an irregular production, as that of a mole or other
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he should. To test this, ask the patient three simple
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by change of climate, and the particular situation most suitable to each.
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