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At the "Home Coming Day" for the Alumni, Dec. 5, 1910,

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asthenia, insomnia and memory defect were among the first troublesome

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this same time Widal wrote several papers describing the reaction

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taken this afternoon by Dr. Watters is as follows : Haemoglobin

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charlatan are already upon us, is shown by the following adver-

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to March 1, 1909. During that five-year period, the yearly ad-

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wards in most hospitals have been a necessary, though slow going, adjunct.

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here and so well established it will probably require the services of

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Then I believe we ought to change the treatment. How do we

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excepting algebra, in which he failed by about twelve marks. He asks now to be allowed

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profession in Ontario. If this by-law should be entertained now it will result that during

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technic of a few applications which are adapted to domestic prac-

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all the other cults that are practicing the healing methods on the

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ing for school the little girl said: "Mother, what shall I do if I forget the

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common atandard of preliminary and professional education and have all pass a uniform

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the infective-toxic group and would possess a histopathology as

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notice of. They were all tarred with the same stick, and all evidently with one object

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Dr. Logan — As one of the committee I wish to corroborate the statements made by

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the patient gets well. The attending physician and nurse ought

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ingly the most effective. This treatment should be tried in all

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(9) The best model of a portable Roentgen-ray apparatus, permit-

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toward making the Kansas City meeting a great success, thus putting aside,

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Industrial School for Crippled and Deformed Children, and the House of

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First, the advance in knowledge of the pathological significance

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Inasmuch as the patient had no leucorrhea and the condition

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other breakfast, and ere long the profession may be wearing the

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2. The Vitalistic vs. the Materialistic Conception of Homoeopathy. — Wood-

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are related to this worthy enterprise, have boundless gratitude

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of the Hospital. By the agreement the Hospital will ally itself with the

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that the Council had no right to hold property any more than for their own business. The

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confounded with the lesions of any other disease except the pos-

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interrupted in that way. It is unjust, and it renders free and fair discussion impossible. I

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of not less than four years, with sessions of eight months each ; and shall have a central

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2. They shall prepare a detailed statement of the necessary estimates of money required

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attention, reasoning, and self control, and lesions of the frontal

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eye examined under mydriasis, lens clear. March 6, '07, in right eye vision

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