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ally other emotions. Among the physical causes, intemperance, organic
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comes chronic, the skin thickens and cracks, and the
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July were spent in travel, and in August they set sail for
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sixty drops of Fowler's daily had not been followed by
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soul which arises from blissful obliviousness to one's own
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Micturition had, as a rule, been frequent and at times
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and moral support to undertake this laborious and un-
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of his maimed condition break upon him gradually, I procured three small
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vitality, which is due to an imperfect circulation. The
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lare arrested. A person thus affected falls into a state of complete insensi-
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insure absorption of inflammatory exudations. In the case of the uterus
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root in a pint of water, — letting it settle, and pouring
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sion is significantly styled risus caninus, or the sardonic grin. The con-
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teach him that he must restrain his savage lust. The
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serous layer in the middle, through which hang strings of pus,
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acters of posthemorrhagic secondary anemia, but in cases of long-con-
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intestinal antiseptic that is also an astringent. Something is needed
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tion of bone.— See Dr. Cumin's Arrangement, &c.,
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from the surgeon's standpoint. I am much indebted to him for his
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M. Paarlberg maintained that he had discovered certain
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What must it not have been to think that hospital gangrene,
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feel as though they are being lifted into the air as by a balloon.
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June 25— Dermatology and Dermatologic Office Procedures Work-
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Entrance Requirement: The University School Leaving
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growing in the pelvic peritoneum at the autopsy on the patient dead
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numerous cases to show that the bearing of female children is associated with
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of the body; it may also help to destroy toxins. It
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Stengel and Pepper: Heart Block with an Indication of a General Hemi-
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onset of the attack. The bowels had been loose. The physical exami-
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It does not seem best to ask your attention to any set sub-
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with casein. The casein prepared after Van Slyke and Baker's
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Prof. William Osier, in a very interesting paper on " Mortality in
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88, tolerably full ; tongue loaded. The patient says he has had rigors every day since
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General had only orders to send twenty, whereas some forty ofl'ered,
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and for some days before dying it was impossible to administer any nourish-
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Mary Fletcher Hospital, Burlington, Vt., and I found
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perforations in the plates were too narrow, or the needles
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less than six months' service, and 32 less than a year's.
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being the more active agent. For this purpose Hebra's well-known modi-
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way Company ; and whilst he was settling liimselt" in a new-
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acknowledged rules of medical police, and without ethical laws to reg-
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in this connexion I may quote one passage from the "Novum Organuiu, "
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and watching of the people in the neighborhood of the
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i.e., ])orridge, frame food, &c., by petroleum emulsion in
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