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glycogen. The power of prompt conversion of alimentary sugar is lost.
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In December, 1893, she was subjected to a vaginal ex-
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matter should be investigated. Dr. V. Vignard, formerly director of
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that which professes to cure or alleviate the ills resulting from
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the symptoms of uterine disease, but, under these circumstances, a
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quarantine, and as I shall have a little to say about it tomorrow morn-
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operation of a morbid poison. This proposition is very
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no anxiety for his safety — he usually sits up and moves about on the
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Ideals of Medical Education. By John S. Billings, M.D., LL.D,
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the more solid and complete forms of the skeleton presented by the
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the sea-Uons until in her fifth month, and if there is any-
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expected, he is most strenuously opposed to the promiscuous cutting
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existing knowledge, it is convenient to consider them as individual affec-
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without exception, an immediate and persistent suppression of the urine.
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toms w^ould be too obscure to justify the operation ; and if it were more
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lin and several thicknesses of flannel. Dry cupping should be applied
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Phenomena and Symptoms. — Typhus fever attacks persons of
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have saved the life of a fellow-creature, you would, I am sure,
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high or low place, a hot or cold place, a bracing or a moist
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cal license, or qualify for licensing. Must be Board
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comparatively few micro-organisms, then infection will
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was successfully employed, is related in the appendix, by Dr.
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motor ganglia of the arteries of the heart are the first elements to be overcome,
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normal animals a similar condition was found, and the opinion was
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has ever been brought before them which can compete with it
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discharge continues ; but afterwards it steadily diminishes in amount, becoming
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has been sweltering at home during the hot season, should
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wise, a temporary weaning may be necessary for the mother's sake.
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ity; that sexual intercourse is not essential to the preservation of virility;
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their situation, if the cells are active, are means of pro-
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tuhercular granulation, or pneumonic spot, or any other lesion which
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times in history, on a smaller scale, as to take from
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being given off into the general circulation. It is certain that the

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