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wit, eburnation and deformation of the articular surfaces,
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these glands has a number of small lymphatic vessels. The glands
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This problem is clearly an occupational disorder of un-
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ments have provided the utmost cooperation, assistance, and
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The patient was suffering from spasmodic torticollis of
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tem which is deeper seated, lying between the roots of the
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that the multiplication of floating cells is rapidly effected by the minutest
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furnished every physician with simple, but effective means of
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8vo, Lond. 1654. ^ Thymi Descriptio Anatomica, cap. xi,
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that has since been proved to be owing to the air having burst
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months after the onset of Charcot's disease of the elbow-joint.
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quantity of red particles, which were distinctly seen in very
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unlike the latter, has not yet been seen in the female subject. The name pro-
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In a previous paper {^) certain of the results of this investigation have
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vomited through the night. Passes very little urine. Wound
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his time in New York, though making frequent visits to
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The lymphatic vessels having perforated the triceps, pass up
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their chyle was transparent, I chose to make the experiment on
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the health care financing or delivery system.” (Italics
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In most instances. Salmonella typhimurium has been the
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comparing their size, as delineated Plate V, fig. 2, from a por-
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that it is less soluble than the envelope. The triith is, that the nucleus,
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Case 2 — A 65-year-old female had undergone a Whipple
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sponse. Thus the “Institute” which may serve a coordinating
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ficulty of definition the evaluation methods have developed
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Section of the capsules showed no very definite pathological lesion.
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of more than one story must be constructed entirely of non-
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case are such as attach to rheumatic proclivity. It was note-
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urges the Medical Society of New Jersey to make every
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with. The great stress I lay upon this point will be easily
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being able to obtain the physician of his or her choice; and
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quainted me that, the patient having become emphysematous,
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silk ligatures which had been used for steadying the upper
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examine carefully after me. This little growth proved, how-
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membrane ; these experiments they at first considered (as Dr. Meckel does his) as
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largest proportion of foreign graduates in its residency
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incentive for frequent visits to the dentist, which helps over-
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the vocal cords and that the latter were adherent to one another

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