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many come from North Carolina to Philadelphia, and we have been
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currence in a parasitologic way. Accurate blood-examinations of
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of the cortex and meninges, least frequent in ventricular
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grave cases simulate an attack of epilepsy, and may terminate fatally. In
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of a cold. Treatment consisted of cough mixtures, ano-
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tion with other deodorizing materials, especially for plac-
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For a Children's Hospital. — A subscription dance
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The prostration of the patient, after the operation was
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frequently happens as the result of treatment that a
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at the FIfty-flrst Annual Meeting of the American Medical Associa-
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offices upstairs. Owner in practice 13 years before leaving,
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layers of the arterial coat are simply thickened, and
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muscles of the palate and the platysma are very rarely in-
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the perineum and scrotum in a man of seventy -two years,
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ing the luminous projection the patient noticed a local com-
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hour : this treatment, with the addition of an anodyne at bedtime, was
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Fatherland, as well as to Professors Salkowski, Kossel,
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of the chin, which resulted from the contraction of the super-
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registered within tlio Bureau of Vital Statistics and in
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been invaded, and its non-appearance anywhere in the
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Consequently, I think that the only way in which Assurance
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of gangrene, which at length shows itself by the forma-
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Nottinghamshire ; in a stock of fourteen animals, one cow
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was then had to such devices as poisoned shirts, slip-

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