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various infant foods is valuable. As stated above, scurvy and

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after a couple of months' voyaging the traveller will readily tolerate a

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adult in whom it is mentioned, thus differing greatly from children, in

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place in the areolar space and mucous membrane, and the eso-

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destruction of the kidneys, — as gonorrhoea, cystitis, and other inflamma-

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cavity was thoroughly flushed out with a three per cent, boric solution, and

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life. I find 33 cases with presystolic murmur and 24 with reduplicated second

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grains of bicarbonate of soda in three or four ounces of hot water will check

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influences often play an important part in their production, but

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which threaten him into the least turbulant channels, but to

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These attacks continued to occur at intervals of three or four weeks

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the patients themselves or the fault of the attending physicians. It may be the

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bronchial type where areas of consolidation aro watUing or limited, and

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of the small intestine due to an inflamed Meckel's diverticulum.

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Stomach: In the cardiac portion near the larger curvature is a mass

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now inject 2 c. c. of a 25% sol. argyrol, freshly prepared, into

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Aberrant Renal Artery while rare may also give a picture similar

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During the past month a typical example of this affection has been

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and with the complication of local choreic movements. Cases VIII. and


them ; and thus endeavors to place him as nearly as possible in the po-

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Of the former ninety grains and of the latter sixty grains were given daily

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eighty cases of ear disease directly traceable to influenza. These were nearly

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cases (IV., VIII., IX., XIV., XIX.) the two affections appeared coin-

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phonograph as the universal acoumeter [Annales des Maladies de V Oreille,

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mellaril and thorazine are examples of

healed. Aug. 12th, 1913 patient discharged from hospital.

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carried to complete recovery and so many have relapses. Improve-

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merely as instances of " bullous disease," — a vague, non-committal

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brium of the malleus close behind the short process, running well up-

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ineradicably obstructive lesions of the colon. No one would

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Note to Contributors. — All communications intended for insertion in the Original

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(1888). The clinical symptoms depicted by many of these writers are, as fol-

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period she was in a state of discomfort, and on examination I found she

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tion of the diet, will be effective without rest in bed or divul-

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sponds to stimuli to an exaggerated degree, or responds to

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their labors on this subject at the Congress of Otology and Laryngology,

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The Kelation of the Physician to Social, Educational, and Moral Questions.

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thinks its use as contra-indicated when we want to spare the

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Eighth. Many of the cases are of brief duration, two to

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gall-bladder can be incised, the stone removed, and sutures applied to restore

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