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session (from October to June) ; for Biological Laboratory, £2 per
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fectious diseases and toxic and inflammatory processes, which lead to various
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paratus (endocarditis, endarteritis, glandular aplasia), which may later affect
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prescribing its use. We try to remove the constipation by prescriptions
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1. One of £40 for two years, open to students of third and fourth years;
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may either be associated with or replace the cutaneous ecchymoses.
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6. A Clinical Course. — In the Central Free Dispensary each quarter. In the depart-
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2. Symptoms of Motor Irritation. — Symptoms of motor irritation of
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proper manner, it is therefore a most valuable adjuvant to treatment. Oertel
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yet been determined. Perhaps the glycogen represents sugar which has been
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symptom usually increases very slowly, until it reaches a degree where the
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the affected muscles belong to the distribution of several nerves, occur in
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smells of phosphorus, and it may be phosphorescent in the dark. After these
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Moeli, and others). The practical importance of this alcoholic neuritis is not
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inatniotion in homoeopathio doetrines and practioe is an essential part of a
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the peronei and the tibialis anticus, while the sartorius and the muscles
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Electrical treatment (vide supra) has given decidedly good results in
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$50 a quarter under the following conditions : (a) that they have paid in the aggregate
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1. Injuries which directly affect the nerve trunks or their branches : blows
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b. The sain agwit, hoi«ver, is bruising (crate pinching ar^ rough haiKlling). Cells
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of the individual should be considered in each separate case. The Banting
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Tuffnell Schola/rships,'— Two of the value of one hundred pounds
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talking and writing, take place in distinct " centers " lying next to each other.
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qtfiaity or d«a«g«d ahriap. One of the core coaaaeaXy foutid d^feets is
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In oases where Medical Officers draw proviaiona or fuel from public atores, they
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there are cases in which the foremost symptom is the spontaneous occurrence

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