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had a case of pelvic cellulitis to deal with ; and, as the intervals
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hard, yellow-green mucus from nose; nose swollen, red, and sore
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Chicago, Illinois, who died in 1899. They were the parents of two
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We can state from our own experience that the remedy is usually very well
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practice. It is one I have always supported, however
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he is corresponding member ; the Medical Society of the State of New
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myelitis, these complications, either the one or the other, in
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The following is a partial list of his writings : ' ' Practice of Med-
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The early life of Edward Kellogg Dunham was passed in an envir-
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authority on the subject treated by him, would leave little to be
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haps I should say how common, is it that patients with different
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lying obliquely over the trigone, and resting against the posterior
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and the lower lid is everted, and treated in the same manner.
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in the intimacies of society, in the sanctities of home, her

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