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in the effort to cure or to prevent chronic progressive

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cuum tube discharges serve a very useful purpose in thera-

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was softened and entirely removed by the gentlest manipulation.

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separation of the adhesions, and the hernia was repaired. The

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Every Health officer^ however small nis sphere of duty^ mav add

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George S., a laborer, was admitted to my service in the Epileptic and

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PnH-paid. It is also publiwhed in Monthly Parts, on the I st of each month, each Part contaiiiiiiE the

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icumulation of the poison, carried by the absorbents into the system ; i. e. the

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An ounce of prevention in this fatal disease is worth many pounds of cure, for

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held by the members of the profession at large. De-

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Before concluding, let me present at a glance the fol-

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In connection with the out-patient department of the Victoria

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developed at body temperature after twenty-four hours

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were recruits, and only 3 were seasoned men, a fact which would

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materialism," the subjects of conception, maternity,

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tured under insanitary conditions. The majority of the manufacturers are

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Diagnosis. — The Iiistory of an epidemic, and the absence

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a tablespoonful of ice-water at short intervals, or, what is better, small

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stitutional officers, committees of the Society or of

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surface of the stomach was blackish-grey, it had no contents, and its

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mental and nutritional status and to provide access to

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gently in strong vinegar, then put into a jar with a handful of

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mother needs medicinal treatment. This mother has been married six

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ing the frequent coincidence of diabetes and obesity the same writer

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the earthy phosphates and carbonates, so that the urine is cloudy when

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interrupted at our last meeting, and the exhibition of specimens of

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Tenn. ; Grand Junction, Tenn. ; Hickman, Ky. ; South

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be infected. In many cases the source of the affection can

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that gangrene may be produced when the nerve influence is destroyed.

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in such a way as to be detected there either by microscopic examina-

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States, to define its duty, and to fix its pay." The amend-

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tents of the abdomen, particularly the intestine, escapes and forms

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struggle of law against crime justice is now armed with new and

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