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irritation. Following the irritation and inflammation of the follicles, other
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the tubes are transferred to the serum inspirator, and the temperature
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ingestion of certain articles of food. When oxalate of
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and thus be a part of functional derangement of the liver. ^ " Cholestcr-
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73. Interstitial hepatitis, same as Fig. 72 : more highly magnified 876
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returned to the abdominal cavity. The treatment of this hernia is either
hectic, and sw^eating are present in abscess, and absent in cancer. The temper-
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pitting, especially upon the face, which is so frequent a result. The erup-
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It may be tied either in the upper, middle, or lower third of the leg.
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does not entirely disappear, and the urine remains albuminous.
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ent at the onset of the disease. At whatever period it may be developed,
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fever attended by supjDuration, and in septic conditions, or simple inflam-
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tissue of the larynx participates in the morbid processes.
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cacuanhas (one grain of the latter in one-half ounce of the former) every
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muscle, a psoas abscess arises. In some cases sequestration of the
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pared. The best of these are iodol, salol, aristol, and dermatol. These
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masses, or the fluids may be absorbed and this cheesy-like material may
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danger, especially when it occurs in infancy or old age, or when it super-
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tatic abscesses in other parts of the body. It is but a special stage of
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year. Gout, albuminuria, diabetes, and certain hepatic diseases are often
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to coma. Such symptoms are only met with in the hemorrhagic or typhoid
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counter-irritation over the seat of the most extensive bronchial changes
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cavities, or a normal cavity and the surface of the body. There are
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of chronic bronchitis, not infrequently met with in old people, especially
sominex sleeping tablets review
are round (not crescentic), they often lie crowded closely together, but they

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