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was killed by chloroform, immersed in bichloride of mercury


brought to us, said to have fallen upon his shoulder and broken his collar-bone.

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the chronic condition, and is, by its protraction, wearing out the

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wrote in the beginning of the second century a.d., and of

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induced by having the patients assume the lordotic posture in a

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part as well as from its upper root-stalks. A tubei

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tinned during a long series of years, and without inflictmg

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fashionable ball, — all these, and many more aspects of remote

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hernia. Ho was operated on for radical cure on Februarys.

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ral paralysis, in the psychical and nervous disorders of chronic alco-

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tubercle bacilli may pass the intestinal mucous membrane without

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wound covered by suturing the skiu and subcutaneous tis-

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periods throughout the year. Special examinations, under circumstances of

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State Assayer of Massachusetts, asserts, in the more recently manufactured spirits,

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tion, in each disease the pendulum has swung to intoxication, infection,

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general diseases are numerous, and differ greatly in spe-

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Abdominal Bandage, The. By Henry Edwin Spalding, M.D

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the cervix upward toward the sacrum. Two hours of such

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three of 200 each^ with a superior medical officer at its head. The

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over her during the past twenty or thirty years, and she

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ous to the patient's constitution." He asserts it as a fact, that

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were found in the epidemic of 1410 (Pasquier). Complete loss of the

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general want of tone must be treated by appropriate romedies. The

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ruginous preparations are indicated, as well as cod-

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brought to us, said to have fallen upon his shoulder and broken his collar-bone.

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right foot was entirely wanting. The mother then re-

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chronic hoarseness, the result of repeated acute attacks, is the chief and

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faradic current to the dura would help to localize centers

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onset of the secondary inflammation — an inflammation liable to ter-

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the Biological Society of Paris, animals (Guinea-pigs, etc.), in

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value. Encapsulated adenomas are seldom affected by them, but

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fession I know) I should not have given the material to Miss

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tient should begin to l)leed freely. At present there

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the tube is increased. Fig. 41 shows vacuum tubes with

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exception the pulmonary arteries were free throughout their

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about the orifice of the common duct The gall-stones had

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Nonat, in that he taught this tumefaction, which constitutes an

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gists have considered iodine as a stimulant, others as a contra-stimulant. M.

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pointed questions were put to her, which led to the fact being

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