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and assist the affected organs in resuming their normal functions.

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done, it should by all means be insisted upon. This raises the

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and compresses dipped in a solution of chloride of lime were placed around the

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opinion we agree, believing that in this manner, and because of the

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struction, which felt of cartilaginous hardness, just behind the

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class includes the various forms of epulis met with in practice,

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prophylactic methods — hopes vs science. Am J Public Health

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Treatment. — Prophylaxis is important. The vice, of whatever

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Serious deformities may result from the inflammations of the muscles,

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to remain in it a sufficient length of time to be of

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assafoetida, or gum ammoniac, &c. in solution ; and

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section. But this is not all. A little further on the author

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nature }* Considering him an herbivorous or frugivorous animal, and

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The muscular portion represents about three-fourths

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Beach and Tennis Resort. Fri-Sat. 13.5 hrs. Contact: UCLA.

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In attempting to estimate from the clinical side the

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give it, the conditions of the malady should always be clearly

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it was commonly employed. The patient was directed to

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atric inpatient services, and the issue of quality of patient

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spread acceptance in obstetric analgesia, but has gen-

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foods pleasantly emulsified with the Oil, thus rendering the whole palatable, as

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such as osteitis, perisinus abscess, sinus thrombosis, etc.

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Great Portland-street, 2 p.m.; Royal Free, 2 p.m.; Royal London

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the sweet spirit of nitre, wine of antimony and pare-

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a larger supply of oxygen to the blood than is given when a

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efforts made to overcome such muscular incapacity are much

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of surgery in the treatment of abscess of the lung and of empyema

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has confiiled of the coecum, with its appendicula, and a portion

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over position of large bronchial tubes. Lower lobe of left lung flat on percussion. Great

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a result of hyperthyroidism there is inhibition of the

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as of varied character, falling into three main groups — a group in

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and takes on the form of granules, or blocks, or filaments. Occa-

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