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It is not the purpose of the present work to study the posi-

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cord are discoverable. But inasmuch as paraplegia may exist without

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enlarges and acquires its largest size at the level of the lower

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* Vide Pathological Histology by Rindfleisch, and Manuel d'Histologie Patho-

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pathology and jjractical medicine. Prior observers had been led to

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These strands pass through the cribriform plate, as previously

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abdominal aorta and the arteries of the upper limbs. In this way, advan-

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*-* Obstetric Physician to St. Thomas's Hospital, &c.

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of the liver, or their exclusion is to be based on the absence of these

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gout, has been stated under the head of the morbid anatomy. It is not

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excluded b}'" the smoothness of the surface, when it can be felt, and by

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natural sulci of the skin at that part all radiating from it, as from

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among those more or less advanced in life than among the .young. The

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Patients emerging from the apoplectic state appear as if awakened from

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examinations. Such materials would undoubtedly throw much

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affections, as regards their extent and amount, bear a certain relation to

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mals. In the turtle fibers from the trigeminal nerve form a more

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ment well started, but not extended at most more than half the

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of great value as regards the etiology of nervous diseases.

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passes directly into the net structure of the 'axone cap,' which

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having its gangUon cells located both in the semilimar ganglion,

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took place during exercise directly after a meal. In most cases of hyper-

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are enveloped in a delicate Golgi net. He added also that these

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which cells are often seen to become dark red, and distended at

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