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Maass. To them were born four children, the two youngest of whom

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He leaves a widow, three sons, and a daughter, who have the heartfelt sympathy

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about with alteratives, or to force her on and derange her oper-

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of light, with water, disinfecting solution, pledgets of linen, etc.,

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from generation to generation, becoming the eternal and exalt-

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ually diminish, disappearing entirely on the fifth day.

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In 1914, at the request of Governor Hatfield, of West Virginia,

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dimension, however, may even be that of a small fragment.

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urine at frequent intervals. Many a case of urethritis, or fissure

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with its large material, the advantages and conveniences

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the eminent Professor Koch assigned certain investigations in cholera

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assistance, but should have a lukewarm vaginal douche after it.

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sor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Polyclinic Medi-

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projectile ; (4) segmentation, the leaden nucleus being completely

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does the latest and most approved views on physiological chem-

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walk, which she now does very nicely, and with no apparent ill

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the secretary, care of Otis Clapp &: Son, Boston, such volumes of the ix Publica-

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the cause of this nerve often being contused or torn in the

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Department, and Gynecologist in that institution. He

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subjects. The first volume, "Makers of Modern Medicine," went into

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breathing. The intervertebral disks may escape for a long time, but finally

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medical officers in State hospitals, at the request of the Civil Service

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MadisonJ, Morris County, New Jersey, February ^9, i8io.

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ward occupied many chairs in medical colleges. In 1886 he was ap-

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It tesults from this that a great many grooves exist

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ical Society, and of the auracrous local societies in the city

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Dr. A. M. Cushing ; " Causes of Malaria and Typhoid Fever in

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15. "Charcot's Artheopathy" (Jnl. Med. Soc, New Jersey, 1912).

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Randall's Island Hospital, and is also surgeon of the Veteran Corps,

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inconsequent reply, "Their of five ways of cooking potatoes.

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and throat, he devised a means of effectually controlling and modify-

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brilliant discoveries as to rush into speculative hypothesis in the

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is nothing to indicate their presence in the midst of the

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during the following twenty-four to thirty-six hours the instilla-

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closed has been the most successful in the history of the insti-

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by contact with the ground, or in wounds badly dressed, and whose

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bearance of Nature is wonderful." The statistics of this disease

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good health in the morning, and went off in the afternoon with

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properties in connection with operations of the eye are now

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limited lesions and slight reaction, it is less easy to establish.

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ments give rise to enormous wounds. The interesting

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