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pital; £500 to the Liverpool Infirmary for Children; and

quibron 300 mg سعر

Merewether, Darlington ; Mr. W. J. Meharry, Belfast ; Dr. H. C. Major,

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was also unable to name objects shown to him, though he

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arctic Circle, and a very chilly atmosphere prevails for nearly


Deshrauteh's own words : " It was all along my single aim to qualify my-

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1030 ; sugar, 2,858 grs. in twenty-four hours. Thirst slightly

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verdict was perfectly reasonable. The amount was entirely for them, and

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nervous tissues a,re in proteid matter. Fifty per cent, of the solids in-

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ject in a neat and portable form, which it probably was, the

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from the principal zymotic diseases averaged 1.9 per 1,000. The 186 deaths

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published information on the subject, and for further in-

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The coroner looked up, andasked " Why y " " Because," said

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that phase are on tlie average less fatal ; and conversely, as

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B.\RROw, Valentine E., L.R.C.P., L.R C.S.Edin., L F.P.S.Glasg.. appointed

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be sufficient. Wliateverbe the original conformation of the

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an increase in the number of cases as compared with the previous week,

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influenza has been credited with being the direct cause of 113 deaths, the

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Communication's respecting Etlilorial matters should be addressed to the

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