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bosis in connection with real phlebitis of the sinus— is almost always due to
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Cerebellar ataxia affects the trunk and lower extremities. Both standing
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entrance zones of the posterior sensory roots or the ganglion cells in the an-
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sores, etc. ) which are often seen in anaesthetic regions. Whether in these cases
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Nevertheless, the Government can grant special dispensations for
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which contain a large amount of carbohydrates, and are therefore to be pro-
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•oontained not less than fifty beds under the charge of not less than two
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(g) A leak -pro tec tor valve, designed to keep milk from dripping into the
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tract undergoes degeneration, and sometimes, as it seems, throughout almost
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The great clinical importance of syphilitic endarteritis is due to its cutting
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third of the scholarship shall be paid annually. (7) All applications for a
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as have valvular cardiac disease, whether preceded by articular rheumatism
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so that a paralytic idiot may also be epileptic. The mental conditions in these
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1 There is only an apparent contradiction in the fact that, in spite of the occurrence of an
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perseverance. The treatment must in such cases be kept up for months or
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and physiology of the Arthropoda. Prerequisite: Zoology 101 or its equivalent. Spring,
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the cases where the patients admit a former sore but no secondary symptoms,
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fees for the degree of Doctor, which must be handed oyer to the Deaoon, smonat
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are: 8. subtllis (the "hay bafclllus"), which Is common in barn lots; B. coagulans.
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childish and absurd nature. The patient may insist, for example, that he is

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