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Without discussing the —alter, may I be permitted to give

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then be due, largely at any rate, to a specific action of the

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the forearrhs, that this effect is exhausted, I apply to the neck

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somnambulistic— she stood up and moved from her place. The operator

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sold in pieces of three or six yards, folded lengthwise in eight

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Thrombosis of Inferior Vena Cava, Mr. T. F. H. Smith ... ... ii

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Aeltere und neuere Entwickebmgs-Theorieen [Old and New

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several trials gave it up iu disgust. Is it possible such an antiquated

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8s. 4d. in the pound has been returned to subscribers to the

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other for ordinary patients. Class b in this instance paying

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general duty in the Nagpore District, Bombay Command, but will remain

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of infection to others should be reduced to a minimum.

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ithis end in view, and it has at present two alternative

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destroyed by boiling. The tubercle bacillus is killed only at a

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'.suffered for some months from neuralgic pains, first over tlie

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Onttersity College. Hours of^Hcndance.— Medical and Surgical, daily,

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Strand, London. Post-office orders should be made payable

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We have received for examination samples of the "Hovis''

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proof silk, not elastic, so that it will receive a definite amount

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a lithotomist he had no superior, and his operations were ac-

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residence, and attendance. Applications to the Secretary, Henry

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diagnosis from pyemia, yellow fever, variola, acute pneu-

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Communications,— Mx. W. Dobbin, Banbridge, gave a report

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sought to correct in his own scale. The week's allowance

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of the position, and treated too tenderly certain vested in-

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inimediately you see strange phenorhena occur, which de.*

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safety of the public ; and unless these two ends are attained, the hos-

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Another diflerence in the blood-pressure curve consists in

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The patient, a woman aged 24, had been operated on by Sir

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A Medical Centenakian. — If he live till the 8th inst,

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from the contents of the small intestine of a person who died

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