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assisted by Dr. D. C. Comstock. This proceeding was
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tioj]. She had some rest that night ; but attended with as
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third to fifth ribs. Elevation of these ribs, steady
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Specific Therapy. — Marmorek, and later Charlton, has used the aati'
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being diminiflied at that part where the pad rells. The
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peculiar astringent taste. The finest specimens are more shining,
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tients very recently, and had found the uterus j5rmly
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relation to disease of a host of other drugs was indicated, until
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there is in general an entire want of correspondence between the situation of
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Two cases which Dr. Crocker regards as examples of adenoma sebaceum
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cheerful, sat up in bed and played with her, serous fluid was present in the abdomen,
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recommends the cautery in hypertrophied tonsils, especially
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knowledge of the disease. If time permits, it is as well to have
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itself, owing to its irritating and noxious qualities, can not be taken
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it is not easy to trace the connection except by their own admissions.
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Reference for the Manufacturer, Tradesman, Amateur, and Heads of Families. Fourth
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clusions of Dr. Wenzel, but from observation and study of epidemic
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should possess none of the drawbacks of the latter drug have re-
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Dr. Guthrie was a man of marked ability and of sterling
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coma to poisoning by these substances, and especially by oxy butyric acid,
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A st'coiid set was laid oil Scplcinhcr '•> and a thii'd on Scplcinhcr
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paracentesis, he had a severe cold in his head. Then, too, his avocation,
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(e.g. W-P-W or L-G-L syndromes) may develop increased antegrade conduction
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woman was believed by several physicians to be suffering
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and grow soft, and become ready for expulsion through the bronchi
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only one small cut would be made, permission for examination was
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F. Dog appears to be much better ; action of heart 100° in sitting posture. Muscles of limbs,
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l'6pilepsie. Arch, de neurol.. Par., 1895, xxix, 257; 359;
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duration of life sufferers from oto-sclerosis ; whether a perforated
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and respiratory centres by the venous blood, the pupil contracting again
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epithelial cells themselves, and passes from them by a
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the operation to the establishment of convalescence, was uninter-
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still widely applied, there lias been an extension of child hygiene in
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laid down as a general principle that pleasurable emotion increases the
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Auditory disturbances (diminution of hearing and subjective tinnitus) in cases
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the moment of operation. It has been established by general experience
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present time, all the operations aim to make the per-
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ever, have referred the death of the patient to the use of the
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Such an explanation does not hold, for the lesions observed in
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larity in attendance. We graduate from thirty to forty each
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lating, as in the organs already studied. As regarded the abundance
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symptoms and signs appear favourably influenced by such treatment. The
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motor nucleus ; unfortunately, no sections of this nucleus were made
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, government official shot himself twice, from before backwards,
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