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5. Muscular tissue. If present or not ; and if any peculiarities noted.

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cation consists of a little cap made of two layers of metallic gauze,

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in special hospitals is feasible and successful in nearly all climates.

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A sanitary supervision of factories, workshops, and stores, with

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stomach. There are doubtless cases of chronic interstitial inflammation

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movement is characteristic of healthy brain action. At older ages this

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fact that in practically every portion of the tropical and temperate

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barometric pressure. So far as seaboard-resorts are concerned, there-

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contact the manager of any First Hawaiian branch. Or

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the peritoneum, omentum, and spleen, the lungs and liver usually

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Strangers, when wearied and bathed in perspiration, generally sit by

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soreness of chest, place N. P., with loruj cord, upon back of

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and sodium salicylate the temperature rapidly rose. The method is as fol-

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generally. His pulse-rate and weight remained exactly as on the last

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brandy, a little nutmeg, a teaspoonful of soda dis-

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little known, and thus it may, perhaps, not be amiss to describe its

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the American Public Health Association," the following interesting,

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every other day. "While treating chest as first dii-ected use

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de Med., December 31, 1918, 80, N"o. 52, p. 657) was apparently due

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method gives interesting results. A small fragment of fresh tuber-

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many instances the pulse became stronger and the dyspnoea was lessened.

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+ extensive PPMS training + professional service + continuous support

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phenomena that the introduction of tuberculous tissue does ; the clas-

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Islands, we are assessing the economics of providing this service.

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exposure rates in Hawaii, both on the basis of geographic latitude and a predominantly

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Indeed, there 7.3 mucl. reason to believe that this fluid is elab-

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Oastro-eatero-anastomosis. After coeliotomy the first loop of jejunum is sought

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of these cases coughing is increased, and in a small number of such persons

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of enthusiastic activity. And the transition from the teachings of

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it is perhaps worth giving on account of the rarity of the specimen.

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