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author The editor has done his work ably and faith-
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Thus it is fairly clear that the stimulation of nerve terminals
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animal were as follows: 1) The comparative ease with which
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preceding, and only 5 were in wards having but slight communication
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in the English language. It may be safely and heartily
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sought for any evidence of the expectoration being purulent by
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• Chnical Reports ou Continued Fever, based on an analysis of 1G4 cases, etc.,
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origin from the ventromedial part of the maxillary nerve at
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tion shows, this affection is apt to be secondary, viz., prolonged suppura-
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5.3 M which was the smallest found. While this division was
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secure uniform warmth and activity of the functions of the skin, and such
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anterior portion of the ascending process of the parasphenoid
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head end of the organism (Child, '12). Very early in p'owth
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of the beef, they lie not in the loose connective tissue, but scat-
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but in other cases the walls are formed by the cerebral tissue, or the
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is excluded by the absence of cephalalgia, intolerance of light and sounds,
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Carpenter, F. W. 1906 The development of the oculomotor nerve, the ciliary
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series were prepared by the pyridine silver technique following
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'axone cap' appears in a triangular shape in Ameiurus sections
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optic axis in each eye, and, secondly, because the iris of each
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drops may be given at once and repeated in three or four hours if free
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mination of the parts, which I did by means of eye and probe,
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ing, but it was the last. I was so weak that I was more than ten
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tants of the district who had been brought into contact with the disease
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maxillaris (fig. 3, Oph. and Max.), both of which enter the orbit
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the uterus. She accordingly consulted Doctors Fricke and Plait,
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existence of disease of heart and disease of the kidne3^s would probably
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tary movements ; in this respect it is analogous to chorea. This affec-
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that each ctf these conditions enters into the mechanism. The spleen is
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of Mindererus are to be given in almost every case.

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