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sented by the various bureaus, and the society adjourned sine die
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executive committee were read by the secretary and approved.
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the third and fifth week, so that their recognition aids the diagnosis.
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treatment must not be lost sight of. If the bladder is full, it
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There are no large abnormally shaped cells present. The large
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each other, let them duly realize that in fraternal union they pos-
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similar comparison showed the average chest girth for age to be
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some supposed " authority." Homoeopathy is true ; Gregg is a
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tors to guard against the results of such misapprehensions on
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for this purpose skin tests are made in the same way, using
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air passes through his nostrils and windpipe into the lungs, and consequently dimin-
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disturbances of hearing or \dsion, difficulties with urination, etc.
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rects for traces of nitrogen that may be in the reagents.
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neutralized by CI. perfringens antitoxin, but these
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Engorgement or congestion. — The lung is deep red in colour, changing
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ammonia by action of arginase in the blood cells on cana-
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meaning ; — an intense aching in the maxillaries as in second-
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plants that may rarely cause hay-fever, for testing the occasional
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change is of a late date. This, like the question of cure, will
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gerated physical labor (fast walking, prolonged elevation of the

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