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tube with a stick or glass rod, and pack it firmly. Then pour

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Indications. — Difficult breathing, with wheezing; hollow and

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cian thought her very dangerously ill. She never fully re-

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name we shall call the syphilitic virus, because it is a name

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and fix it as a vice originating in the maternal economy,

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the case in its earlier stages, had some misgivings about the

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nity from other diseases has been asserted to prevail when

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her ordinary household duties. ' Under the usual tests the urine

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The respiratory sounds are always louder in women and children

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matic influences, was sufficient to lash them up to a degree

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where the intestines float up, percussion will yield a tympanitic

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els. In inflammatory conditions of the intestinal canal it is a very

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not be forgotten, and indeed it is well in practice to recognize

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Each of these questions will be severally considered, and

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the South, we will indulge in no remark calculated to in-

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favorably influenced the hypertrophied uterus. Dyspepsia, due

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Dose. — Fluid extract, 5 to 60 drops; oil, 5 to 10 drops; spe-

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and everything at hand, so that only one journey will be

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by spasms, but upon examination it will be found that the spasms

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or quinsy, in croup (with phytolacca), in pharyngitis, as well as

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der; burning, stinging pain, strangury and tenesmus of the neck

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ment. It is especially valuable in relieving urethral irritation

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cream. Feed the animal three times a day upon warm, eas-

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more favorable results than with the plain guaiacol. The but-

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cause of the small quantity absorbed, or by reason of a par-

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genda ' ' Periodicals (with the motto, ^ ^ Varia lectio delectat, ")

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things, he would expect it to disappear as rapidly as it came.

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of papillae, tell the story of irritation. The atony will be indicated

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is not only retained, but may be increased in rapid passages from

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the pain is relieved the dose should be lessened and the intervals

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The gouty or sanguine arthritic diathesis is characterized by

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