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tion. The paralysis from a thrombus is, in general, not sudden, but is de-

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about men and things ; it is all hard and earnest work ; searching criticism

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or gunshot wounds, sometimes coming on in the course of the acute

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Pineapple Jam. — Pare and weigh the pineapples, and

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We believe that, in every community in which just laws are du^y enforced,

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296 in Berlin ; 291 in Turin ; 357 in Philadelphia ; and, at page 12,

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hypcncsthesia (dermatalgia), pruritus, paraesthesia, etc.

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insight as to the extent of the process is only to be obtained by means

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adhesions, and some in the jejunum and caecum. Numerous growths

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too, so defective in reason and so carried away by his

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peculiar interest it possesses at the present time, that requires no apology for

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irregular shaped glandi known as the supra-renal capsule. These

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Small circumscril^cd foci of hiBmorrhage are comparatively rare. They

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Philadelphia, in local " nests " of unsanitary conditions.]

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Foreign bodies in external meatus. — 2 : 1 M., 1 F., in both cases foreign body

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hemi-paraplegia, with crossed anesthesia. The extent

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another, fo that Dr Lubbock and Mr Allen liave the merit of

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stooping. It was always painless. This spot slowly enlarged, but for

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frequent between the twentieth and fortieth years ; but it also occurs

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wise j)revent drainage by closing the orifice. It is impor-

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ic maximum amount min. min. hour hours hours hours hours hours hours

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])ubes, and tiie exsection of the branches of tlie pul)ic

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is reported by Barwell in the "Lancet," April 21, 1877.

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case untreated for a month ; at the end of that time, if no short hairs

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here placed on record. By far the largest number of cases I

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tlie growth of the organization since 1847. Springing

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Treatment. — This consists in the use of the milder antiseptic washes,

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teats of cows and sheep. The skin cracks and exudes a

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once believed that diphtheria was an exanthem like scarlet fever,

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complete study of the gross as well as of the microscopic ap-

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The number of deaths from cholera in this city in 1832 was,

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This instrument is really the old-fashioned grinding

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as each patient can be examined by a certain number men, and there

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The trend of scientific and even of literary educa-

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arguments in proof of the origin of those complaints from cold

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fauces was practicable, could any exanthema be observed. The swelling was

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obesity, and, finally, hunger, are all contra-indications for subjecting one's

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Comparison of American Climatic Resorts. By Samuel S.

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