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bolic irrigation of the uterus, the cocci did not disap-
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peritonitis, and laparotomy and extirpation of the organ
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separated from it by an interval of 3 hours. An interesting point for
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occasionally developed. In unfavourable cases, symptoms of
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the Thomas Splint," by Mr. John II. Huddleston (" Boston Medical and
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of periosteum, the membrane, together -svith the external
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of congestion. Tale enlarged glands were also seen all along the sigmoid flexure
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The Medical Missionary Society of Canton, China, cele-
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dists. We will now consider that class of cases in the exhaustion from disease, that transfusion of l)locd
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the Association are : President^ George M. Sternberg,
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2.2°, the patient suffered from bed sores which undoubt-
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cough and her own child showed symptoms of the disease on the first
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frequently attacked. It may, however, be monarticular. No distinction
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portion to the attention paid to the patient by his fliedical adviser,
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stances so inequitable, that the suit, as reported in the books
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thrombi, more frequently of emboli, gangrene of the extremities
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The new administrator for Mount Sinai Hospital lias
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duced but little fever, and very few vesicles or eruptions, and that the
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and cavity. In the acute stage the joint should be fixed by a splint, and
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student could take before entering upon a practice was
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In order to properly comprehend the functional work of this
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well as in the blood and urine. On the other hand, Neuberg and Richter
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Mental dulness and apathy were present in 33 per cent of Bernhardt's
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The writer recommends his dyspeptic patients to chew each
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coming to the conclusion that no hypothesis accords so well with the facts as
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positions Dr. Workman worked well and faithfully until 1908,
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It is alleged that corporal punishment deprives man
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and she died at last with some epileptic convulsions. At the post-
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present little departure from the normal, but as the disease progresses it
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for a time, and then remaining for weeks at a stand-still.
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On June i8th, at 3 p.m., the temperature was 104.4°;
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the-way place was to be sold cheap, I bought it ; but now the
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ready as soon as possible, we shall be pleased if com-
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1 From the report of the Conference, it wonld leem that the disease had
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attacks of hematuria), and ureter catheterization is advisable in order
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falls out, revealing large scabby woolless patches.
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resolution, and judgment at every step. Hygiene as a science, like
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ing his patrons the public, of his former labours. The

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