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immediately, and the respiration soon became normal.

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plugged itself against the narrowed portion of the bowel. The abdominal

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nineteen chronic cases (ten cured) the average length of treatment was forty

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growths from the external auditory canal by means of drilling, came into

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bacterium termo ; that the only conditions which allow of this effect are the

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both red and white, remains stationary until the body-weight reaches its

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cases have terminated fatally, the most frequent cause of death being

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M. Pean [Revue de Chirurgie, November, 1889) calls attention to the fact

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favor of perineal lithotomy was the rapidity of the operation, the com-

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With a certain amount of reluctance we approach the discus-

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Present Illness: Onset quite sudden, about 2 months ago (May). After

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negative, is considered to eliminate the urinary tract as the seat of

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ation between mitral stenosis and the changes in the endocardium and

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thereto. Also by inoculation experiments on animals to find out whether

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quicker. I give a ^-grain of morphine 15 or 20 minutes before operation.

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eye out of function, and, in a way readily understood, thus in great part

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Case XXXII. — Female, aged twenty-six yeai-s. Imbecile ; father an

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•■' Southern Medical and Surgical Journal, 1855, 341.

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to outline to you what the Harrison Law says or to even go

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tions are most vital, the first to the laboring men and the second

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The chronic form of chorea must, I infer, be of exceeding great rarity

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richness of the urine in uric acid, the rate at which the filtration is conducted,

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Kelsey, of New York, speaking of colostomy in general, takes

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of the State of New York to conduct business and to hold property.

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" Diseases of the Rectum and Anus:" " Some surgeons, as Gosse-

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hydrozone (one to thirty-two), and lie on the right side so as to

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the subject; otherwise, he, probably, would have performed some severe and

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with so comprehensiv^e a purpose in view, has been anticipated by the

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usually get well, but the improvement under low diet is striking.

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urethra. The immediate result is increased secretion. Forty-one cases, in

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not be disregarded. The organism while pleomorphic seems to be

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