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cause the factors concerned in its evolution are as
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as follows: Manhattan, 14.78; the Bronx, 17.20; Brooklyn,
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to intestinal disease and gastric or duodenal ulcer,
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appeared waxy. A mass-ligature was placed around the pedicle and the
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however, were very different. The tumor in the first case was soft and
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bilicus,, a hremic cardiac and jugular murmur, and a regular
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against the disease in Texas. This action on the part of
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methods are of great value in the management and treatment of this
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iron still continues. The increased degree of intestinal putrefaction Bunge
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been absurd enough to warrant the suspicion that it
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Stxmson, a. M., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Reassigned
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produce a disease having all the features of naturally
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from nitrates give an indol reaction — i.e., a deep red color.
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tunior about the size of a fist could be felt at the seat of
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both true to life and excellent, but the notes and observations of this distin-
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action of the bacilli in the fluids of the body, resistance or recovery was

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