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hyperaemic at places; the liver large and the colour of a dead leaf; the

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absence (or imperfect development) of those defects in the action of

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ship upon the London and Scotch universities. He therefore should be

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fortnight, and was sent to grass in the He Saint-Denis, for three weeks.

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be readily passed, and there was no evidence of stricture. In six weeks

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part of Its food. At work it was " soft," and carried its head low, and

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On rectal exploration the intra-abdominal portion of the cord was

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mediastinum were glued together by abundant exudate. Furthermore,

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and maintenance of patients in indigent circumstances, recently dis-

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To Ci is one of the noblest of benefactions; and that man who cures

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arm or from the nape of the neck". But this, surely, is a mistake. The

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Chorlton, — At Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, on July iSth, the wife of *Alfred

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quence of this certificate, the Registrar-General ordered the body to be

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You know, that operations which but a few years ago were counted im-

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the first, and were opened. They contained little pus.

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tion of the medical department, and its entire independence of any

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examination of the urine is habitually neglected, and hence the

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may it be taken as a hint in favour of a preparatory purge ?

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agamstthe wall. Sensation was lost throughout the affected limb

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black hair, by occupation an engine-fitter, temperate, married, with

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stigma as they would do if the tripartite axis had been twisted through

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•often make rapid progress when animals are put to heavy work soon

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fibres prove to have undergone granular degeneration.

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The meeting closed with an unanimous vote of thanks to the Presi-

ditropan xl neurological side efforts

July 20th ; The New York Medical Record, July 7th; The Boston Medical and

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renal epithelium in abundance, and ranged between three and four

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and the point of origin of the fistula) and the tooth punched out with

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of the Council, that they shoidd be subject to annual or triennial re-

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contagious. In the treatment, he also recommends coffee as a stimu-

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Treatment. — The shoe was removed, the inner heel, bar, sole, and

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suffered from the abdominal forrh of influenza. Still showed traces of

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time they number almost thirty. The majority are based on supposed

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officer, or a dispenser, had part of his emolument taken away, and his work at the

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is soon accompanied by a well-marked venous pulse, and the tricuspid

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cession of heat, which there is no radiation and sometimes no evapora-

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investigating the working of the Contagious Diseases Act at that port ;

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