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may flow out of the side arm down the barrel of the syringe, and
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aerating surface. Again, with the view of inculcating free blood-
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vature in the mechanism of parturition ; but it is not important in
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glycerine. Its advantages are : its rapid action, its comparatively non-
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digestion. For nervous dyspeptics, however, rest after eating cannot
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chloroform within the body. In his experience, a febrile con-
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temperature, and perhaps other yet unknown objective standards,
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tribution of an epidemic would be the same if the locality were un-
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result followed, and, on the 3d June, the viper was unaffected.
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placed in the ice-chest, that control tubes of emulsion plus salt
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apartment but the area that was overcrowded. Dr Gairdner in-
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but it may possibly sometimes, but rarely, occur from foreign
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pneumococcus, staphylococcus, B. coli, and B. typhosus was
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champagne), cognac,^ hot tea or coffee, wine or vinegar enemas, or,
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tendency, an approach to the synclitic state. But the synclitic
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Hygienic and Dietetic Therapy. — The hygienic therapy must begin
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which produce acid but no gas when grown in the various sugar
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arrangements. The cases of the various diseases and injury which
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than do the fats. He advises a diet in which the fats are reduced, the
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hypodermically, in doses of 0.008-0.02 G. (%-% gr.) ; it quiets the
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result of the contraction of the peripheral vessels and the greater amount
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cal studies of the nature of aortic lesions have revealed an astonishing
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that neither pains nor bleeding had recurred during the night. We
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removed one or two tumours by enucleation. In such cases he was
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they are of opinion that it would be in such cases, if in any, that
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some cases of placenta prgevia ; at all events it ought to have a
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felt acute pain, and when placed on the ground w^as unable to stand,
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ciation, the Apothecaries' Company, entitled only to charge for drugs,
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in proportion to the amount of nutriment they contain they are expensive,
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deahng with an organism which undoubtedly belongs to that genus
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