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moved, if there was no doubt as to the previous occlusion
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diseases as tuberculosis, cancer, or insanity, there is a
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by E. A. Montenyohl, M. D., Akron. "The Etiology and Pro-
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and frequent occurrence of the second, they have not yet taken
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tlie generally received opinion that the resin is "modified aloin." I have
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the latter as hearty food.' This is only a declaration
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ference a mere farce. They have probably supposed that there did
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petty wrangling as to which of these two measures is to be re-
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healthy and strong. The two other patients died, one
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and University life, of the present Examining Boards would not undertake
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tus) ; Joseph A. Eve, M. D., Obstetrics and Diseases of
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affected only a limited and apparently excisable portion of
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apposition of the orifices of the urethra and cervix as being
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only compulsory, but done under a faithful inspection,
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them wherever I found Englishmen ; and a < will ever be led to sacrifice the interests of
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10. Theperiods of retirement by age to be fi.'ced as follows:
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Case XXX. — Falkson has published the history of a case' of paresis of both
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patient alone to give this statement consideration. It
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licuiy (S.) Fractures des deux feuinrs ohez uii enfant
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indicates, therefore, that the air of the room or the cheeses, or both,
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59. Tatti (s.) Bacteriologia de la fiebre tifoidea ; expe-
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where the attentions of a well-instructed nurse are more demanded ;
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splints, that 'f J"'?^' „y .3ition . At the end of three months
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the seat of fibroid degeneration and their walls may be
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the emotions themselves. Such patients, for instance, laugh
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left with the lung and vessels. The examination was not
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from the bladder upward. It is not likely that infection at the
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the different breeds of which are very unequally sensitive to the
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insensibility to pain had long been sought for. That from so early a
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Prague, 1317 were tuberculous, and of these 5.6 per cent, showed renal involve-
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by vomiting and expectoration. The blue color of the mu-
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chisively practised by Washington L. Atlee, of Phila-
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are pressed out of the bladder into the in*ethra. Far more rarely than
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sprinkling. Make troches, weighing i gramme (i5>2
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dilitation, to which the term diastole strictly applies. So far
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