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ing with tow or cotton wool, and be dressed with the sulphur ointment
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of lung consolidation; catarrhal pneumonia by an insidious
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Dr. FAKtiUHAHSON Said that, as a medical man, he had given
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En order to avoid delay, It is particularly requested that all letters on the
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Dr. Dabbs, Shanklin ; Dr. T. O. Dudfield, London ; Mr. C. J. Denny,
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in inii y has been made into the matter. The lesn't has be^u to refute the
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Stephenson (J. B.). Notes on Medicinal Remedies. 1893.
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of the commencement is wanting, the lower part having been
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B. Surgery. — President: W. C. Arnison, M.D. Vice-Pre-
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neck of the tumour near its base, and the skin is dissected
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isms, and that if the ground in the neighbourhood of "fairy
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Doctor. (J) Mr. F. W. Jordan, Stockport; Mr. E. James, London;
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be revised from time to time, in order to keep abreast of progress. But
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produced. Dr. Forsbrook's book is clearly and well printed,
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of March Uth. Gaffky explains the great part taken by water
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a considerable height from the street in the middle of the
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the Pharmacopoeia Committee from his first appointment as a
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that the sore was in a great measure due to his constantly
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that are equally virulent. Unfortunately, these plants so
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Sedgwick Memorial Museum.— The plans for the new Geological'
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condition of tlie patient's lungs is taken into consideration.
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everyone who passed his examination should regard himself
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inquire into the subject of certification of death, which matter
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requested to communicate witb the Chairman or the Honorary Secretary
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The description of sanitary arrangements of houses is very
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tion to come forward at the forthcoming election at the Col-
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formed what, I regret to say, I could not at the present time

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