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laries, in consequence of the extreme delicacy of their walls, are chiefly

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was an improvement. These are agreeable preparations, especially the

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tnrase a powerful influence, in the lower animals, in promoting a flow

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induced it by placing the patient in an underground habita-

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and finally evaporating to a pilular consistence, and dividing into pills.

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The eontinuanee of Ibeir stimulant influence into the stagtt of reaetion,,^

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tions indirectly, in consequence of the greater rapidity of the blood flow-

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chair, placed either over or in a tub or bucket containing hot water, and

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vere shock which the body would otherwise receive each time the foot is

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directed to be made in the proportion of half an ounce to a pint of boiling

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a most violent attack of erythematous inflammation of the mouth and

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so powerfuU}" to build up a system dilapidated by disease, worn out byd

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warmer, for it would have contained more non-conducting

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TWej are, therefore, u a i^nerml rale, improper under loeh

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by the use of the etching technique, which allowed for a vivid line and texture. This

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tartaric acid, malic acid, a large quantity of sugar, a small

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the most singular of nature's operations. He ascertained the

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The principal object in cooking is to lessen the cohesion of

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fwrturna! incontinence, though it must be confessed tliat it much mora

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fLiNiMENTUM CAMPHORif] CoMPOSiTUM,) Consisting of camphor, solution

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habitual stimulant may be lessened, it should not be altogether withheld*

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irritation. I have already referred to the relative degree in which the

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is a good, familiar creature if it be well tised,'"'^

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should the quantity be increased, however cautiously the augmentation

zanaflex advanced guestbook 2.3.1

ment of the intellectual, emotional, and motor functions which some-

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experience at low temperature respond to challenge differently

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contain more farina than the roots. The subjoined Tables

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stances into the water evaporated, so that tbeir vapour may rise with

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ence to topical effect atone, it is pniliahly the most energetic astringent

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Louisiana, employed the remedy repeatedly, with uniform success. He

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self in a laboratory pervaded with this atmosphere,

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boiflnical liile of ibe ipecactianha plant [vpL iu p, 465).

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. bj noae ooe of the above, or bj Qiher dftemical mctictts. insoiabie

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in groups or singly, were not afforded this protection. The results

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however, when it is known that the same name has been be-

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organs. In anemic cases of dropsy, in which chalybcates arc indicated,*^

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flammation. Whichever may precede is little matter. Both

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