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threshhold of his profession by coldness and such a thief to their pockets,

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She had croup in a severe form. The urgent symptoms yielded

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such eerms establish themselves and multi- pose of this paper, I would have cover the

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shown the influence of atmospheric heat to be. Hence, in Northern

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As the reaction seems to be the result of an affinity exist-

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down his throat as it melted, avoiding, as before, every effort at

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gives tone to the functions of assimilation and se=

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*^l Fig. I. Urine cloudy; fetid odor; full of bacteria, pus, blood

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the organs of a rabbit when it is allowed to lie for some hours after

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The practitioner should learn as soon as possible the tetanus

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cavity of the body of the womb requires to be cauterized. This

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route along the nerve to the central nervous system is much,

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may exist. If this should be considerable, or if the patient

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cattle, but which more rarely contain calcareous salts. Gene-

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culous patient be permitted to leave home to make it early. Consider his need of

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mation and hyperplasia of the nasal mucosa, these fail, resort to the surgical opening of

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tumor and adjacent tissue at once. The application of caus-

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to understand its helplessness. Bouley states that the animal

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prevented me from prescribing it except in special cases. The

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sing the patient to receive at the time of administration, the full

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matter, and tells us of one instance in which dangerous effects re-

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membered, however, that other remedies were used in the course

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But our friends were not to be put dov manner ; they were pen-

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price of the eight grains of the permanganate contaiixed therein ?

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which danger to life, or notable damage to tissue, is rapidly pro-

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