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of electric currents of high frequency. E.xperiments on
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of water. Its supply has been virtually cut off as a result
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limes ; her family liistory was negative for tuberculosis,
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remarks tliat there can be no question that the ex-
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teaspoonful of ordinary table salt. He is cautioned
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of the streptococcus of erysipelas and the bacillus prodigiosus. There was
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now generally recognized by all competent judges of the subject. Sand,
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right than in the left eye ; otherwise, motility was good.
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cases and deaths reported for the Iwo weeks ending Au-
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centrated solutions of sodium chloride and silver ni-
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the efficiency of the filters, they are tested in the first instance, and subse-
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in the jnnior and senior year.s. The present plan of lab-
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dition must be looked upon as an important predisposing cause ; but it
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applicants to ([ualify for appoii'.tment in the Medical Re-
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and that the real carrying out of the measures with
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Eczema of the Lips. The muco-cutaneous surface about the mouth
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of the contributors have not been imbued with this spirit, for in some
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Doubtless arterial hypersemia is essential to the maintenance of the
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try, for example. The present attitude of physiologists in regard to the
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electro-magnet, kindly loaned for the purpose by Dr. Sweet, as it was
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being secondary. Hence the practical importance of treating endometritis
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it downward. This tendency is opposed by the thickening
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continued, but the patient is still required to report
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spirilla. On what clinical basis could any one have
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the entire left hemisphere. In this case the author believes that the circu-
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In open wounds, these in which no infection has taken place, it will secure
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aminations for tubercle bacilli of all mucus raised
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to it. It often produces a feeling of heaviness and
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scribes the appropriate treatment, and gives all nec-
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In fifty-nine cases of keratitis, episcleritis, cleritis,
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pecidiar to syphilis. It has been stated by Heller, of
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lantern lectures had been given in London and else-
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ments. In these experiments I had the benefit of the valuable co-
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and notwithstanding bodily punishment would wet its bed almost every
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best authorities was more rational than had been as-
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eflfect. There was one case of erysipelas in a child,

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