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also manifest itself as an attribution of a disastrous significance to certain

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(M. F.) Treatment of typhoid fever. Cincin. Lancet &

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" It is difficult to understand how germs can hve that

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lessly add the pain and dangers of a serious operation to those of the original

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patient had done well since the operation, and he thought she

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comparatively little importance as a rule, and are generally in the

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it nearer to the cornea ;t and others, that they re-

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tute the chief morbid appearance. This api)earance, however, may Ik* pro-

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Many people so laud early rising as would lead one to suppose that

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Haward, Assi3t.int-Surgeon W., 21st Hussars, to be Staff-Surgeon,

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in their accustomed habitats, and the impossibility of

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also show a strong adsorption affinity, especially for pigments, such as

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ply to such bodies in the lungs as have been called tubei-culous abscesses,

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and cuztic, respectively; thus silver was termed iztac teocuitlatl, and gold

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bar to the adoption of such medicines by the profession if they had any

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by no means present uniformly in pneumonitis, its absence does not authorize

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remained for a day and night in the A's apartment, and while there

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put in communication with the cup which encloses the wound

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individuals with the healthy. The Lecture Bureau reported the

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Aceianilidum (Acetanilid). A derivative of aniline. A colorless

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al)le feature in all of the four cases was the conipl< ii

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first incision. Not the slightest pain was felt. A very large cyst was tapped

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was sent to me on account of the bleeding and prolapse.

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haps bear more or less weight upon the foot, taking care to do it in such a

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elbow. Amputation was done in the upper third, but it

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of the lid elevator, held by an assistant. But the arm of

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60 b. The trunk of the patient first, and subsequently all

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detected, except by the fact that something filled the

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distensile character peculiar to aneurism. He said that he first

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Students who come under the Old Statutes, in consequence of having

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(1 $ ! s observed in all cases of grave anemia, especially

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There is no evidence that he had what we now recognize as typhus or

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"The ratio of the two functions varied with each hour of the day, but was

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animal is capable of protruding from any portion of its body. Six

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a corresponding amount of green vegetables substituted.

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the internal or nervous portion of the ear is not involved. Therefore

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This was evidently a case of simple pneumothorax, without pleuritis.

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form, mushrooms, toluylendiamin, pyrogallol, snake venom, coal-tar

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recommended in the treatment of exophthalmic goitre until after the

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