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ture its normal nourishment and promote its functions. My ex-

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interests, and public utilities are to-day far more

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affections of all kinds, and we do thus use it, and many times

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may, in accordance with the shifting spirit of epochs, more

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pines away. The fleece is lost, the animal dies from ex-

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study the therapeutic principles of every school of medicine. He should make

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we have sent copies of the Journal to some persons, and ex-

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action, it is a prominent remedy in the treatment of dropsy. It

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Elsewhere, the abdomen was soft and showed no tenderness on ])alpation.

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is the remedy. One of the most pronounced symptoms that I

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and upon the superior mesenteric to the small intestine and

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been given in ten- and fifteen-drop doses every hour for six and

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tagious, endemic and sporadic diseases. The reader will notice

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and lowers the temperature. It is also used with gratifying re-

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inertia — in the latter subjecting the os to the slow dilata-

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Gangrenous Erysipelas demands the employment of some

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water. By this method the disagreeable after-effects will be

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We must not suppose that when we have diagnosed a paraly-

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powder diluted hydrochloric acid, and filtering the solution; then

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sores of the genitals arising from simple mechanical causes,

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most with the rapidity of thought in every direction. The

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years, is notorious, several of whom^, now living, having

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perature differs. It should be properly inserted. On the

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Means of Dialysis. By John J. Abel, M.D., L. G. Rowntree,

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kills his patient, while the other will cut, and sometimes

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gradually, and, at the end of the third week, amounted to 3 j

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In nasal catarrh which is characterized by a discharge of

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of old men^ cachectic subjects, and those whose occupa-

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cotemporary of Columbus himself: his work was not, how-

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Bloating or hoven is a common disease among cattle,

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inated cleavage, is effected by means of the hour-glass con-

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and let out five ounces of dark, bloody serum, which had a

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with the special property of rapidly peptonizing protein material

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